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Post Pandemic Life?

As the NSW, Australia lockdown lifts today, I am reflecting on life post pandemic. Except in reality, we are not in post pandemic; covid-19 is very much still with us. All that has changed is our attitudes toward the virus. Those who are vaccinated get to partake in the things that were not possible for over 100 days. But how has our experience changed us?

Some people will continue with life as they lived it pre-pandemic. Others have had time to slow down, to think, to mull and perhaps to sit with themselves in a way that we may not have before. Sitting with ourselves, I feel, can be very difficult. Normally our life is so busy that we simply don’t. And then suddenly we had less distractions and reasons to leave the house. So, what did you learn about yourself during your lockdown? Did you get to know yourself better? Has Covid-19 seen you re-evaluate what is important to you?

Image: Unsplash - Joseph Oso


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