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Inner Child Healing

The psychologist Carl Jung is most commonly considered the first to have coined the term “inner child.”

Many people entered adulthood carrying painful baggage from childhood which then plays out in there adult life. I see inner child healing (ICH) as a way of coming to understand our inner child and how that child impacts our adult life. People often say 'stop being childish', as if its a negative, however being 'childish' can be a wonderful thing - it can represent imagination, belief, fun, honesty and being inquisitive. These are some of the positive aspects of being a child. And I believe that it is important to allow these qualities into our adult life - maybe life would be a little lighter if we laughed or used our imagination more? So in the spirit of ICH, I will work with you to help alleviate past trauma, and create an understanding of current unhealthy patterns so that they can be broken.

Inner Child Healing requires minimum of four sessions. It is not about blame, or forgiveness; I see it as an opportunity to learn about ourselves, leave unhelpful patterns behind, and to be the best adult version of ourselves.

Image: Unsplash - MI PHAM


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