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Accepting change

Change is not easy. If it was we would do it regularly. In reality, most of us live our life avoiding too much change. Change can mean stress, ambiguity and fear for many. Change can also mean trying, learning, failing, moving, becoming unstuck. Yes, it is scary. It is also an opportunity to grow and to learn how to adapt when life is not going as we 'planned'.

Change is inevitable - from Covid-19, facing unemployment, becoming a parent, loosing a loved one, experiencing loneliness, to the breakdown of a relationship; our lives are full of change.

Some changes we can control (like switching jobs, or where we get our morning coffee); other changes are unavoidable.

Change can be painful and scary, wonderful and a catalyst for growth. Change can also be heartbreaking. Fighting or avoiding change may take more energy than surrendering to it. Surrendering does not mean giving up - it means accepting.

Sometimes we run patterns that see us trying to control outcomes and even control the people in our lives.

How we deal and adapt to change, rather than fighting it, is key.

Images: Unsplash- Ross Findon & Kalei Peek


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