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I'm ok!

Life is many things. It is wonderful, heartbreaking, difficult, sad, miraculous. And it can be all these things in just one day! What am I saying? I believe that it is ok to feel a range of emotions in any one day. It is ok to feel joy as you look at a newborn family member, whilst feeling utterly exhausted and drained. It is ok to feel sad because of the injustice in the world, and happy because you found the perfect dress. It is ok to be ok. Or to not be ok.

A mentor once told me “To try and not feel a feeling is the equivalent of going on a roller-coaster and asking to only experience the flat bits”.

And so, enjoy the ups, learn from the downs, and learn to be ok with the in-betweens.

Image: Unsplash - Priscilla Du Preez


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