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What is it?

Ever experience a time when you don't know what direction to move in?  Your relationships are proving difficult?  You want to change your perspective, but don't know where to start?  You feel stuck.  When it comes to matters of the mind we often get stuck in thoughts & patterns, jobs, relationships, friendships, careers that are not utilising our true potential.    


Life coaching may help you to identify & reach goals, devise solutions, gain self awareness, actualize potential & achieve positive growth.

Life coaching sessions are a time for us to focus on what changes you would like to make to improve your life.  We will talk at length about what's happening in your life, discuss your thinking around the area/topic you want coaching on, and look at your options for bringing growth and success into this area.


  • Be your best self during life transitions

  • Improve relationships - partner / family / friends / colleagues

  • Cope better with day-to-day life

  • Overcome bad habits or patterns of behaviour

  • Understand your thinking better

  • Learn to roll with the punches that life ultimately throws us


  • Life is overwhelming or underwhelming

  • Negative patterns of thought or beahviour arise frequently
  • Life appears unknown, unbalanced, stagnant

  • During menopause, empty nest

  • Change of career or promotion

  • When you need a little help!

Vision & Aims

  • Raising self awareness

  • Looking at behaviours & thoughts patterns

  • Learn self-responsibility & accountability

  • Increasing performance

  • Seeing new perspectives & viewpoints

  • Fully utilizing potential

  • Enhancing quality of life

  • Exploring new possibilities

Note: Life Coaching sessions do not include hypnotherapy 
Image by Elisabeth Arnold
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