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At times, a client is unable to categorise their issue and may feel that because they cannot fit the issue into a particular category, that hypnotherapy may not be for them.  In truth, I believe that hypnotherapy has the potential to assist wherever a person has a pattern of thought or behaviour that is creating an issue, an imbalance or friction in their life.  

Whether you fit into a category on my list of services, or whether you don't know where you fit, that's ok.  What you do need for hypnotherapy to be beneficial is the desire to change a part of yourself that is not helping you. 

Example of Services


Often people who believe the world 'should' be a certain way, will struggle with anger.  Or those with black and white thinking.  Problematic anger can arise when a person believes that they, or others should behave in a certain way, and when this doesn't happen anger may become a problem.  As a hypnotherapy client you don't need to know why you behave in a certain way, the most important thing is that you want to change the behaviour.


Our childhood can have a profound impact on the adults we become.  Hypnotherapy can assist where a person is reacting to triggers in their adult life that relate to their childhood.  

Healthier choices

We live in a world where we are bombarded with images of 'perfection'.  Often we allow our thoughts run away & create unhelpful ideals of what it means to be healthy.  So whether it's a sugar habit that you want to kick, or incorporating more self-love into your mind & body, hypnotherapy can assist.  

Perimenopause / Menopause

How we think about ourselves during this period of life, and the practical steps we take to ensure our wellbeing can have a significant impact on how a woman experiences this transitional stage in life. Hypnotherapy can help women adopt a growth mindset and can help motivate them to feel empowered and do everything that they need to do on a practical level to help themselves. Hypnotherapy can also help women manage the physical symptoms of menopause, such as hot flushes and sleep disturbances.


What does this word mean to you?  In reality, we all 'do' anxiety in different ways - it may mean something to you, and something else to another person.  Many clients that present with anxiety, tell me they have ongoing exhausting thoughts, and behaviours; that they cannot switch off.  Others describe having feelings of dread or panic, for no obvious reason.  


As the rates of childhood and adult depression continues to increase all over the world, and the rate of prescriptive antidepressants grow, it can be hugely beneficial to look at thought processes and decision-making skills to assist. 


Insomnia.  Bad sleeper.  Whatever you want to define it as, being affected by sleepless nights & unbeneficial sleep patterns has a profound effect on quality of life.  Of course, we experience times during our life when sleep is affected (new parent, job stress etc.), however when life settles & bad sleep persists, the body may have formed an unhelpful pattern.


The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines stress as "a state of worry or mental tension caused by a difficult situation".  Stress is a natural response, however when we live in a constant state of stress it impacts, not only our own health, but it can also impact our relationships, work life, and all of the aspects of our life.  

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